Pesach Woznica of PWTax has been a pleasure to work with.  I feel confident that my taxes both in Israel and abroad are being handled in the most professional, timely and knowledgeable way.

Joel Padowitz - Ramat Beit Shemesh
Tom Lew

As a first-year client, my experience with Expat Tax CPAs was overwhelmingly positive. I was impressed with their thoroughness and attention to detail when it came to the many tax implications of my work and travel activities overseas. I felt like I could always ask questions and they were there to respond in a complete, professional, and friendly manner. Their staff helped me navigate complex foreign tax credit laws resulting in a lower tax liability that far exceeded my expectations.

I absolutely recommend their services to anyone living abroad or filing with sources of foreign income. The expertise and personal service I received from Expat Tax CPAs turned a process normally associated with dread and confusion into a clear and reassuring experience.

Tom Lew - Kuwait
Carlos Cacho

Being a US Citizen who has lived abroad their whole life, I didn’t realise I still had US tax commitments until this year. After searching around and speaking to a few different providers, I settled on Expat Tax CPA’s.
They offered not only competitive rates but also excellent personalised customer service from a great staff who guided me through the (very) complicated and confusing process. The team at Expat Tax CPA’s made the process of filing backdated tax returns and FBAR’s easy and painless.
I have already recommended their services to several of my colleagues and highly recommend them for anyone needing to complete US taxes, backdated or not.

Carlos Cacho - Australia

As an expat living in Canada with zero knowledge about international tax filing, I was very stressed about the process, and I felt like a fish out of the water.  I searched online for a company, not only with presence in Canada, but also with experience in U.S. and expat taxes, and I found Expat Tax CPAs.  My case was handled by Mazal, and I have to say – she is the definition of customer service and patience; all emails (which was many) were answered in timely fashion.  I am planning to use their services for years to come.

Patricia Torres - Canada

Expat tax CPAs are incredibly responsive, excellent value for money and I honestly don’t know how I would have coped with dealing with my tax obligations without them. I was born in the US but raised, educated and always worked in the UK. I had no idea about my US tax filing obligations until last year when by chance I had a conversation over a work dinner with a complete stranger about it. I was initially devastated at the prospect of being fined $1000s for my mistake and really didn’t know where to turn. I spent nearly 3 days online both searching the IRS website for information and looking for a UK accountancy firm who could help me. I contacted numerous firms with no response. When I decided to broaden my search and emailed Expat Tax CPAs I was surprised to almost immediately receive a phone call from Pesach, who calmed me down and talked me through the process and assured me his firm could help. Pesach and Ahuva got me quickly and easily (with endless patience!) through the Streamlined filing process and I did not hesitate to get in touch with them again this year for my 2015 filings. I feel confident that I made the best choice in engaging their services.

Susan Pugsley - United Kingdom

Being a US Expat, and also an Australian Citizen, I have to comply with the IRS regulations. Although I never owed anything in taxes, I was still required to file in the US. Faced with the yearly burden of spending $1,000’s each year to have my US taxes done, I had stopped filing in 2012.  Along came Expat Tax CPA’s, charging a reasonable fee, and getting me back on track. Expat Tax CPA’s produced the same product I used to pay $1,000’s for yearly. I would highly recommend Pesach and his team.

Matthew Nanno, Big Four Global Executive - Australia

When my husband and I went looking online for an accountant, we were searching for someone who knew both the Canadian and the American tax systems. We found Expat Tax CPA’s. Mr. Woznica responded to my first email enquiry in less than 24 hours. After he precisely answered preliminary questions for us, we were more than impressed, and thus began the process of getting our taxes in order. Every email was answered quickly; every question was responded to succinctly. Mr. Woznica and his staff worked quickly and efficiently, guiding us when we weren’t sure what to do. We intend to continue hiring Expat Tax CPA’s to do our taxes every year. Without reservation, I would recommend Mr. Woznica and the Expat Tax CPA’s staff, for any tax issues you might have.

Susan Ingraham - Canada

I called upon Expat Tax CPA’s, because I am an American now living in France and married to a French citizen.  My taxes were just too complicated for me and Expat Tax CPA’s was wonderful at helping me to feel calm and secure, trusting that they would take care of my paperwork.  They made themselves available to answer all of my questions even with our time difference. I will absolutely call upon Expat Tax CPA’s in the future andI can’t thank them enough for the successful work they did for me.

Colleen Keith-Besnard - FRANCE

I have been working with the office of Expat Tax CPA’s for several years. I can proclaim that Pesach Woznica and his staff are a very capable team, they have always delivered good quality service and they go out of their way to please their clients. I highly recommend this office. They are pleasant people to work with, and most of all, they are attentive to their clients and listen to what you have to say. If you seek professionalism with quality service, and  if you are looking for reliable results in your accounting needs, your best bet is the Expat Tax CPA’s office.

Chaya Jacobowitz.

Chaya Jacobowitz - Jerusalem

Expat Tax CPAs has proven themselves to be a reliable, knowledgeable, inexpensive, and friendly tax service.  Due to certain circumstances I chose to change CPAs after 10 years of service, I was very nervous that my new CPA would not be able to handle my husbands and my EXPAT status and ever changing tax requirements, but they did it with flying colors.  Even after they covered all bases and completed my taxes in a timely and economical manner, they continued to assist me in answering key questions about how to better prepare for next year’s taxes.  I am duly impressed with their service and would highly recommend them to family and friends, I will also be a returning customer.

Jeanette Barnes - Germany