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Expat Tax CPA’s is headed by Pesach Woznica, CPA and his team of highly professional tax accountants based in Toronto, Canada and specializing in servicing Americans residing abroad.  Our primary objective is to ensure that our clients remain compliant United States citizens while living overseas.

Our firm has over 50 years of combined experience with tax return preparation for US expatriates. Our broad-based client pool from Canada and around the globe has given us extensive knowledge and expertise in proper US tax reporting requirements and treaty preferences for foreign wages, dividends, interest, capital gains, partnership distributions, real estate gains/losses, foreign corporations, foreign tax credit, foreign earned income exclusion, and US/Canada cross border taxation.

Our thousands of satisfied clients from over the past 10 years can attest to our high standards set in customer service, integrity, speedy and accurate tax return preparation, competitive pricing, and most importantly being available to provide that “personal touch” before, during, and after the tax return preparation process.

We are leaders in the complex and ever changing realm of  information filing requirements including FBARS and FATCA and have serviced many delinquent U.S. taxpayers using the voluntary streamlined foreign offshore compliance procedure.

Because of the United States recent campaign to combat offshore tax evasion, many expats are being audited by the IRS. Our firm has extensive experience maneuvering expats through the audit process, compiling the best supporting documentation and handling all subsequent IRS correspondences. Our success rate speaks for itself.

Your expat tax freedom is just a call or click away.